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Uplift Breast Tape (88)

Body tape is perfect to use under any garment instead of a bra.
Start with clean, dry skin and determine how you want to position
the tape. The tape works best if not repositioned. For additional
coverage use our nipple covers when needed (sold separately).

Follow our DO’S and DON’TS:
-Use the tape when you don’t want a bra to show.
-Use the tape when you want the support and freedom from a bra.
-Use the tape only 1 time.
-Go out and have fun!

For help removing adhesive, try to remove tape under running warm water.

-Use the tape for longer than 12 hours.
-Use the tape if you are sunburned, cut, or have sensitive skin.

To check for sensitive skin we suggest placing a small piece of
tape on the area and check for rash, burning or itching after an
hour of wearing.
Made in China
95% cotton 5% spandex
2 inches by 16.4 feet
RN# 114204
Style #88

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